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Why the clavicut may be the big name coiffure for all ages, faces and hair sorts in 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, we are in luck with haircuts. The truth is that it happened in other years’ real winning outfits to make them fashionable and all famous (and those who didn’t) wore, this year, as 2022 also began to celebrate, anything goes in haircuts.

They take vintage styles, type a butterfly who drinks from the 1970s; both short and long because yes mane XL they claim their power; pixies and mullets in addition to shaved or sharp cuts, they don’t give up and claim their place… As I heard recently in a hair salon when a client asked the hairdresser what she was wearing now: “Everything is needed today.”

And yet, just as there are colors in fashion, like black or clothes like little black dress jeans or shirts and white t-shirts which should always be in every self-respecting closet real joker it can be said that the year 2023 also begins with a capillary joker that haircut for those who don’t want to go to extremes nor make radical changes, although there are changes. And this haircut is the new black clavicle.

                                                                   Marta Lozano’s clavicut

What is the collarbone that promises success in 2023?

If they say that virtue is in the middle perspective, then in matters of haircuts it will be exactly that clavicle. This is approximately midi haircut inspired in the bean but something more where the tips rest on the shoulders and they fall on the collarbone -hence its name, which means nothing but a cut to the collarbone-.

The clavicle is a type of cut that gives volume regardless of the length you have, but the main thing is how it matters Carlos Fernandez of Frank Provost, is that the incision does not exceed the collarbone, as this is a standard measurement, neither too short nor too long perfect for those who do not dare to cut it more or, even, to leave it longer.

The reason for this measure and no other is ridiculous: when hair turns two years old (about 25 centimeters from the root, taking into account the recommended tips for trimming every three months), if it has not been properly cared for. conditioners, masks, and adequate mechanical treatment of hair, the ends, as a rule, are cut and they cannot express a wave which is included in the standard equipment

When the hair touches the shoulders, they direct the ends to where it suits them, which are with more difficult to control his course. But if you’re looking for a collarbone, respect your own gesture and the ease, before reaching it, with which he can afford the luxury of acquiring his own life, they explain from Angela Navarro.

Gillian Anderson, collarbone in a wavy version. 

                                                                         Gillian Anderson’s clavicut

Why the claviccut triumphs in 2023

There are many reasons why this collarbone haircut is a winner. First of all, it’s your comfortable haircut, easy to comb and with the perfect length to be able to wear it loosely or be made ponytail

“This is a very flattering cut regardless of your silhouette and face type, it softens the features a lot and gives much more of a girly touch.” Explain Raquel da Conceião, director of the creative team long.

As Angela Navarro points out, the collarbone is also a cut extremely chica declaration of intent that tells the world about it You have no attachment to your baby mane. That you’ve grown out, that you like your hair, but that you’re going to cut it at a height that gives it more movement because you give freshness to your look and because you are not interested in anything else.

Not to mention that it is the cut that gives volume, gives a young look at any age, is combined with various faces, and admits layers, bangs, straight, curls and waves.

Macarena Garcia's clavicut

                                                                      Macarena Garcia’s clavicut.

What type of personality does the clavicle favor?

Angela Navarro welcomes the great news – it’s a midi haircut that flatters all personality types. Of course, depending on the shape of the oval, this will have to be taken into account by small adaptations, As noted in this hair salon.

if there is a face round, nothing like adding to the cut the curtain is banging with a line in the middle. what is it extended? Visually cut off the length of thick bangs and decisive.

The triangular faces will contribute, instead, to a single layer of the clavicle which adds movement to the ends. And before factions square, parade, advice which will help neutralize the corners of smooth shapes that add air to your hair and your look.

Clavicut haircut for straight, thin, and curly hair

Fortunately, Llongueras says the collarbone can be adapted for every hair type fine curly hair with or without volume.

If thin hair it is important to make sure that the rest of the hair at the level of the clavicle have density, in this way the best-calculated layers and blurred. For curly hair, layers must be adapted to each type of loop, so it is best cut dry hair “Usually you work by creating a texturing or multi-measure technique at the tip to multiply the curl, creating false inner layers”, explains Alberto Sanguino of Longeras

Andie MacDowell's clavicut

                                                               Andie MacDowell’s clavicut

Keys with bangs, why not?

Another thing about the collarbone haircut is that it tolerates different types of bangs, you just need to choose what style you want to give your haircut.

As Gela Navarro says, “if you pair it with bangs, you’re a grown-up Amli; if you have hair board looks like Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”, and with bangs and wavy or curly hair and some layers, you’ll be imitating Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Clavicles in compound hairs

As Angela Navarro points out, good hairdressing scissors can do anything with hair of any quality, no matter how complex.

Speaking of collarbones. For example, if you have low quantity or poor quality hair, it will be textured at the mentioned hair salon a combination of traditional scissors with filleting and with a razor, moving the hair between the fingers to create slopes that favor the fall and twirl of the hair.

that you don’t know what to do with restyling your hair in 2023? Your collarbone, mine, and everyone.