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25 years after Clinton scandal, US not blames Monica Lewinsky

Twenty-five years ago, the front pages of American newspapers offered citizens orA scandal that will mark the country’s history: Then-President Bill Clinton (1993-2001) is under investigation romantic relationship with a white house intern.

This controversy sparked a Clinton impeachment trial In Congress, which in turn changed Monica Lewinsky’s life, 22 years old Who the ex-president was related became the focus of media attention.

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of his tenure affair With Clinton exposed Lewinsky, who Has become an activist against bullying reflected column in vanity fair magazine About the changes American society has undergone since his name entered the public domain and what he has learned as a person.

“The Blame Woman Mindset Degrades Over Time,” the now-activist writes, he pledged to use the term more often in the media at the moment “The Clinton Scandal” refers to facts, not “The Lewinsky Scandal”.

sports me too This has led American society to take a revisionist look at the scandal, this time focusing on the former president, who wielded power over his interns.

In an op-ed published last Wednesday, Lewinsky lamented Social networks and pointed out that they have The “most damaging” effect on people’s lives or reputations of Those who are in the public eye and involved in scandals.

The campaigner also advised readers to “choose your friends carefully” and recalled the “betrayal” committed by Linda Tripp, which she told independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr Some recordings of Lewinsky talking about his relationship with Clinton were provided.

The famous blue dress

The then 21-year-old told Tripp, Lewinsky’s colleagues at the Pentagon, her connection to Clinton, where she had been transferred after a stint as an intern at the White House. Her friends at the time also suggested He’ll keep a blue dress instead of sending it to the laundry including one used in his one-off encounter with the president.

In subsequent investigations, Monica Handed This Famous Dress to Justice who used the president’s blood test to verify One of the stains was from his cumThe recordings led Starr to investigate the young woman’s connection to Clinton. A few months later, he submitted a report to Congress, which decided to initiate impeachment proceedings against Democrats.

The spark that sparked the investigation

Before Lewinsky, Starr Another scandal under investigation by then-President Clinton is called white water involving real estate investments, and allegations of sexual harassment by former employee Paula Jones.

It was during the last investigation that Lewinsky Justice Department first contacted to testify against Clinton, in which he denies having a relationship with the former president. Before the announcement, the young woman visited the White House one last time and met with Clinton, who instructed her to “resuscitate” in response. After receiving Tripp’s recordings, Starr decided to expand the scope of the investigation to look into the “affair” between Clinton and Lewinsky.

after Prosecutors call Clinton to testify before the grand jury and the president denied having sex and interns at the time. A week after his court appearance, the scandal swept the media, forever changing Lewinsky’s life and leaving a lasting impression on the country’s history.

Six days later, on Jan. 26, Clinton, accompanied by his wife, Hillary Clinton, delivered what is now the Infamous speech in which he denied having a ‘sexual relationship’ with Monica LewinskyThat same year, months after the story came to light, Starr submitted a final report on the scandal to the House Judiciary Committee, which was made public on September 11 of that year.

The second “impeachment” of a president in history

December, the House of Representatives Republican majority, decided Voting Initiation Process Impeach Clinton has two points: Lying before a grand jury and obstructing justice. This is the second impeachment trial of a president in American history after Andrew Johnson (1865-1869).

On February 12, after hearing testimony, in a process that did not involve Lewinsky, despite considering the possibility of Senate votes against the impeachment of Clinton. A total of 55 senators found him not guilty of perjury, and 50 senators were enough to acquit him of obstruction of justice charges.