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How to make French meringue: recipe, recommendations and hints to make it perfect

french merengue

Today we can educate you on the way to make French meringue, the simplest and quickest Three kinds that exist in candy. In the alternative two, Swiss and Italian weave talked to you before. Each of them makes use of a special technique, even though the fundamental components are the same: egg whites and sugar.

French meringue is known as fundamental, as it is simple and straightforward to prepare. It is executed by beating a combination of egg whites and sugar, including air withinside the process, till a firm, creamy and constant mass is obtained, scrumptious and addictive, prepared for use in our cakes and confectionery consisting of Pavlova cake or Macaron.


Meringue, regardless of the type, is utilized (or not) leftover egg whites and Other pastry preparations. It may be used to fill and enhance desserts and pastries and may be cooked withinside the oven on its very own in small portions or used as a base for desserts and pies.


Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect French Meringue

When making French meringue (or another type), you should use clean eggs. Those cans or rectangular bricks which can be bought in meal shops are vain for this purpose. So it is time to split the whites and yolks of the 4 eggs, ensuring no hint of the yolk falls into the whites.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect French Meringue

Claire, they experience higher sure:

  • They are the whites of antique eggs,
  • were formerly frozen (and thawed),
  • And at room temperature.

so clean Pocket Even higher we will upload:

  • a pinch of salt,
  • A few drops of lemon juice or vinegar,
  • Or cream of tartar.

We normally use satisfactory salt, an element we usually have on hand, and it offers us superb results.sure as soon as equipped let`s boiled meringue In order to make certain its hardness, we will upload delicate cornmeal whilst including sugar.


We use a deep and extensive box to maintain the egg whites, very easy and dry. Add a pinch of salt earlier than beating. This technique may be executed via way of means of hand, however, it’s miles lengthy and tiring. We endorse the usage of an electric-powered mixer or meals processor.

French Meringue Recipe

In a deep bowl (easy and dry) beat egg whites and salt on medium speed. When the aggregate starts offevolved to shape and foam, beating all of the time uploads sugar little via way of means of little.

Once all of the sugar has been added, hold whisking till the grains has been dissolved In white, the aggregate is so organized that after the box is grown to become over, it nonetheless sticks to the bottom.

In order to acquire an appropriate meringue it’s miles vital to be patient. It`s a sluggish prep technique, however, it is very comforting to look at.

Cons of French Meringue

If we had been to apply it now, this meringue is the high-quality of the 3 available. If this isn’t the case and/or we want the meringue to stay corporation and untouched, Swiss or Italian are the high-quality options. French meringue through the years loses extent and sweat, that is, it releases water. This can wreck the cake or cake we use it in.

To this, we ought to upload that its training Does now no longer contain cooking of any type This protects us from viable salmonella infections and might pose a fitness risk. If the French meringue dries out withinside the oven, like Pavlova cake or merenguitosthe hazard disappears.