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How to make a video with photos from iPhone and iPad

How to make a video with photos on iPhone and iPad

Likely, you will no longer go on a trip with a camera because your mobile can already supply it. Then you’ll have a bunch of photos stored in your gallery, and it’s a matter of time before you do a little sifting and then show them to your friends and family, but what better way to use a video to pass them all on? If you want to skip sending all the photos to a computer and do it from your mobile, then keep reading because we will tell you how to make a video with pictures from your iPhone or iPad.


“We tell you a trick that saves your iPad and iPhone to create videos with photos stored on your device.”

Use the device you want

Use the device you want

If you want to make a video with photos from your iPhone or iPad, one question is whether the device works. The answer is a clear yes since neither terminal will lack power. The only difference is the screen, which is larger than the iPad’s. Once this question is resolved, we move on to what you need to have in your terminal.

Apps to start a video on your Apple terminal

You first need to know that you can make a video with photos from your iPhone without downloading an app. Yes, the bitten apple has its functions to help you with specific tasks, and making slideshows or videos with photos is one of them. And everything is as simple as searching the reel for that characteristic that we are talking about:

iphone screen photos app

  • Open the Photos app
  • At the bottom, select the Memories section
  • You will automatically have all the photos ordered by site or date
  • If you click on the play button, you will see the video that the terminal itself has made

These three steps are the most basic you can have, but there are more details that you should know. First, you can change the style of the video according to the different tones the device puts on. Relaxed, epic and funny are some of the functions you will have at your disposal, which is essential because, depending on this style, the order and transition of the images will change. You can also vary the duration of the video, which can be short or long depending on the pictures you have placed.

It’s easy to have a video of your photos on an iPhone or iPad without making life too complicated.

But it may be that you do not like the result, and if that is the case, you have to go through the Edit function in the upper right part. The memory will be saved, and you will be able to change different parameters of it.

Among them are the number of photos, the duration, the music (which you can incorporate one stored on the device), and its title and image. Then you can export it, and you will have your video ready.

The most ‘complicated’ option

The most 'complicated' option

We have already told you how you can quickly and easily make a video with photos from iPhone or iPad. The memories function is beneficial, but some users prefer to do it their way with other applications, such as iMovie or FilmoraGo, among many others. Each one has its interface, but they all share functionality. You will have to load all the images and videos into the program and the music you want to play. Then it would help if you placed them in the order you wish to on the timeline and immediately added the titles you want.

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