The language of the feet

The language of the feet

What’s the language of the feet?


When we talk to a person, the most common thing is to pay attention to their face, the movement of their hands, and the wardrobe, but we rarely pay attention to the position of their feet. The work and actions of the feet can provide us with valuable information about the other person.


We have learned to hide many emotions with our faces but not with our feet. The position of a person’s feet can signal comfort or discomfort. It can indicate how safe or insecure a person feels at that moment, and so on.


2 essential keys to deciphering the language of the feet

2 essential keys to deciphering the language of the feet

” Non-verbal communication. What does the way of placing the feet mean? “

1) Stability


When a person stands with their legs slightly apart and their feet parallel, they transmit a certain tranquility and security to us. It is a typical position of people who share confidence.


On the other hand, when we cross our legs while standing and even support our entire body weight on one foot, this position can indicate discomfort or insecurity. Also, it is a closing gesture that does not benefit communication. If, in addition, the legs are very rigid, it means tension, that we are under a lot of pressure or stress, or you are not comfortable in that place.


When we twist our ankles or balance our feet by bending the ankle, it is a gesture of nervousness, of restlessness.


Another quite common movement is the constant rocking of the body, moving the feet forward and backward, or with movements from right to left. It is typical of people who speak in public as speakers, teachers, etc.


As in any other gesture or movement, the context must be analyzed since, in the case of feet, the motions are due to physical discomfort -uncomfortable shoes, shoes that squeeze us, etc.-not to personal pain.

2) Direction of the feet.

Direction of the feet.

When we talk to a person, and our feet do not point in that person’s direction, we want to say something.

One of the most common positions is to point one foot in the direction of a door or an exit area while talking to a person. This means that we want to leave, to leave as soon as possible.

When sitting, the feet communicate.
When sitting, When sitting, the feet communicate.

If we are sitting in front of a person and cross our legs while our shoe points towards them, it means that we are comfortable and like being with that person.


But if we do it the other way around, if we cross our legs putting it on the opposite side of the person we are talking to, in addition to being a closing gesture, it indicates that we are not very comfortable with that conversation or with that person.

” Feet don’t know how to lie. Your posture can tell us much more than we think. “

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